Convenient file download scheduler in Internet Download Manager


In fact, a considerable number of users are faced with the fact that during the day, due to numerous connections to the router, the Internet connection speed is very low and it is impossible to download a large file. Is it really necessary to stay up all night to download, for example, a feature film?

In fact, there is absolutely no such need! It is enough to install Internet Download Manager with a built-in file download scheduler so that no problems arise. After installing the program, setting up the scheduler is very simple. As usual, links to the files of interest are entered and each time in the properties indicate “Download later”. You can add several files to the scheduler at once, for example, several episodes of a feature film. After that, at the top of the Internet Download Manager program, click on the clock icon, and specify the time for downloading files.

Of course, in order for everything to work out, at the specified time, the computer or laptop must be turned on and connected to the Internet. We add that thanks to the algorithm used in the Internet Download Manager, downloading any files is much faster than through a browser or using similar downloaders.

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