Grabber in Internet Download Manager


Nowadays, many users face the need to download some content from the site: text, music, video or pictures. For obvious reasons, not all sites, such as YouTube, provide a free opportunity to download content. However, the solution to the problem exists and is provided by the Internet Download Manager program, which is worth downloading and installing. Among the many useful features of this program for downloading content from sites, Grabber is provided.

During the installation of the Internet Download Manager program, various folders for files are automatically created on the disk of a computer or laptop, including the “Grabber projects” folder, with subfolders corresponding to certain types of files, which is very convenient. You can set up the grabber in a few steps, and if necessary, you can return to the settings and change them at any time.

After clicking on the “Grabber” icon in the top menu bar, a dialog menu will appear where you will need to specify the name of the project, as well as insert a link to the site where the content of interest is located. Further, if necessary, you can change the path where the files should be saved. The next step sets the site crawl depth, if “0”, then only the link indicated on the page is subject to processing, if “1”, then all links on the page. Then you have to specify what types of files you are interested in, or you can mark all files and write in approximate sizes that will fit. The project is ready, you can download it!

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