How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10?

Many Windows 10 users are well aware that the free Microsoft Defender antivirus installed in this OS can cause a wide variety of difficulties, in particular the installation of the Internet Download Manager. Therefore, there is a reasonable desire to turn it off, of course, quickly and without much hassle. In fact, a simple and quick way to disable Defender in Windows 10 is available to everyone.

Disable Windows Defender via Settings

Among the existing ways to disable Microsoft Defender, the fastest and easiest is to disable the defender through the settings. This method consists of several steps:

1. Open “Start” on the taskbar, and go to the settings of the Windows 10 operating system

2. Here we will be interested in the section “Update and Security”

3. Going into this section in the left panel, select “Windows Security”

4. . Here in the “Protection areas” window we need the “Virus and Threat Protection” section

5. Open it and find “Virus and threat protection settings” and click “Manage settings” to make changes to the settings

6. Move it to the “Off” position, and in the warning window that appears from Windows 10, confirm the action by clicking “Yes”

This completes all the steps to disable Microsoft Defender. As you can see, this is actually a quick and easy way. Its only drawback is that after rebooting the computer, Defender in Windows 10 will be turned on again!

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