How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 11?

In certain situations, the free antivirus Defender in Windows 11 simply interferes, for example, when it becomes necessary to install software Internet Download Manager Crack. An effective solution to the problem is to temporarily disable Microsoft Defender. In fact, disabling the antivirus in Windows 11 is not at all difficult.

Disable Microsoft Defender Temporarily Using the Settings App

The advantage of the method described below is that after disabling Defender in Windows 11 and successfully completing the tasks, the antivirus will work again, which means that the operating system and computer will again be protected. To temporarily disable Windows Defender, you will need to do the following:

1. By right-clicking on the “Start” icon, go to “Settings”, or you can type the key combination “Windows” + “I” in order to be in the desired section and this is very convenient

2. The next step is to go to the “Privacy and Security” section, and then in the right pane to “Windows Security”

3. In the new open window, click on “Open Windows Security”

Instead, you can open the notification area in the corner of the taskbar and click on the “Windows Security” icon, of course, in the option, if it is present there, which is very easy to check

At any time, we get to the “Windows Security” section, in which it is available to find out the security status of the computer, as well as, if necessary, change various settings

4. In the “Windows Security” section, we find on the left in the “Virus and Threat Protection” menu, and in the right pane, click “Manage Settings”

5. In the window that opens, next to “Real-time protection”, turn the switch to the “Off” position by clicking on it with the mouse, which will disable Defender in Windows 11

If a window appears asking you to confirm the action, you must click “Yes” and the operation will be performed.

After completing the above steps, Microsoft Defender will be turned off, and after restarting the computer, it will turn on automatically!

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