How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 7?

A large number of users of computers and laptops with Windows 7 do not understand the settings of the operating system. Because of this, they regularly encounter a variety of problems, including: the inability to install computer program internet download manager for Windows 7 and the inability to install a new antivirus, which is necessary for reliable protection against viruses and spyware. In fact, these problems are effectively solved: you just need to disable the Microsoft Defender antivirus built into Windows 7.

An effective and fast way to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 7

There are several ways to disable Windows Defender, but not all of them are easy and therefore not suitable for many users. Therefore, we recommend a relatively simple method that all users can definitely use and quickly disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 7 when the need arises. The recommended method consists of the following steps:

1. Enter the “Control Panel” in the search field, type defender and click on the result on “Windows Defender”

2. Click “Tools” and then select “Options”

3. In the window that appears, do: in the left panel, click on “Administrator”, in the right panel, uncheck the box next to “Use this program” and click on the “Save” button at the bottom right

4. In the next window with the message “This program is turned off” click on “Close”

After the steps taken, all that remains is to restart your computer or laptop and Microsoft Defender in Windows 7 will be disabled!

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