How to set file download order in Internet Download Manager?


Often there is a need to download several files from the Internet at once. At the same time, since the Internet Download Manager program copes with such tasks much faster, it is worth installing it on your computer and laptop. Note that this program has a lot of useful features, among which you can set the file download queue, and if necessary, edit this list.

By adding any link to the Internet Download Manager program, it automatically determines the type of file and offers to download the file to a folder of the appropriate category. If necessary, you can change the location where the downloaded file will be saved. In this case, it is important not to forget the location that was indicated so that the file does not have to be searched for a long time on the computer. If, after compiling a list of files for download, you need to edit it, then this is very simple.

In order to edit the list in the Internet Download Manager, go to the “Files in Queue” tab. You can change the order of files to be loaded in the list by simply dragging and dropping or using the up and down arrows before marking the desired file. It is also possible to delete the selected file by clicking on “Delete”. We add that some sites do not allow downloading several files from them at the same time. In this case, in the “Downloads” tab, you need to set the parameter to “1”. Once the download is complete, the files are automatically removed from the list. By the way, after editing in the Internet Download Manager program, you can activate the “Turn off the computer after downloading” function, which in certain cases is very convenient!

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