How to speed up file downloads in Internet Download Manager?


The developers of the Internet Download Manager file downloader claim that their program copes with the tasks set much faster than competitors’ utilities. However, quite a few users would like to further increase the download speed of files, especially large ones, so as not to wait a long time and not waste time. In fact, it is quite possible to further increase the download speed of Internet Download Manager by changing the settings of the program.

Alternatively, if you use a broadband Internet connection: (Internet/Cable)/Wi-Fi/4G then you need to go to the “Settings” menu and set this type of connection. Then, in the same tab in the Internet Download Manager, you should increase the “Maximum number of connections by default”, it is recommended from 8 to 16, and click “OK” to activate the changes.

Now in the Internet Download Manager program at the top in the menu bar, select the “Downloads” section, go to the “Speed Limiter” tab and «turn off» this option. These are the main changes in the settings of a convenient program, thanks to which it is quite possible to further increase the speed of downloading files in Internet Download Manager.

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